Rogar Pot Rack Accessories - Extra Hooks and Chain

Pot Rack Hooks

Nothing looks better in your kitchen than a Rogar Pot Rack, so make good use of your rack with additional Rogar Pot Rack Accessories including extra hooks and chain. Choose from forty-nine hooks and chain options to match your Rogar Pot Rack.

See pot rack product description for details on which hooks and chain are included with product.

All cards of Hooks and Regular Chain come 4 per qty ordered. Heavy Chain Comes in either four 18 inch pieces (Most Pot Racks) or two 18 inch pieces (Hanging Bar Pot Racks only).

***See which Hooks go with each Pot Rack below.***

Regular Hooks

Double Hooks

Long Hooks

Butcher Hooks

2 ½ inch “S” Hooks

3 inch “S” Hooks

Eye Hooks

Center Hooks

4 inch “S” Hooks

5 inch Bar Hooks

3 inch Ceiling Hooks

4 inch Ceiling Hooks

Regular Chain

Heavy Chain

  • Item #: HOOK-RG
  • Manufacturer: Rogar

Rogar Pot Rack Accessories - Extra Hooks and Chain

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