Rogar 35in Hanging Rectangle Pot Rack

Hanging Pot Rack

The Rogar 35in Hanging Rectangle Pot Rack is long and slender to maximize storage space in smaller kitchens. Rogar pot racks are both functional and stylish with three finishes and accessory color options that show off a great cookware set.

This Rogar hanging pot rack looks great over an island or counter while keeping all your pots, pans and kitchen utensils an arm’s reach away. Free up your cluttered cabinets and improve your kitchen décor with these stylish Rogar pot racks.

Like all Rogar pot racks, these ceiling mounted pot racks are 100 percent grade powder coated steel made in the U.S.A.

Powder Coat Finishes include:Hammered Steel, Black or Hammered Copper. Accessory options include Chrome or Copper to accentuate your pot rack and complement any decor.

  • Pot rack includes mounting hardware
  • Six Eye Hooks, two 2 ½ inch "S" Hooks, four Ceiling Hooks, and four 18 inch pieces of chain.
  • Dimensions: 35” x 8 ½” x 2”

Additional matching hooks and chain are available to ship with your order. See “Best Values” below.

  • Item #: POT-24
  • Manufacturer: Rogar

Rogar 35in Hanging Rectangle Pot Rack

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