Metrokane Vertical Rabbit™ - Grey

The Metrokane Vertical Rabbit™ in Grey is the newest design from the Rabbit™ family of products. This new Vertical Rabbit™ is as easy as placing the opener over the bottle and lowering and raising a lever. It pulls a cork in 3 seconds and ejects it immediately with the lowering and raising of the handle. The Rabbit™ corkscrew stands up on a bottle and operates vertically making this wine opener very easy to use.

Operating Instructions: Start with handle raised, place wine opener over the bottle, push down the lever and lift back up again. Simply lower the handle again, lift it up and lower one last time to eject the cork.

Chrome plated die cast metal lever Color is hi-sheen racing finish in Grey
Comes with extra worm and foil cutter
10 year warranty

  • Item #: MET-06114
  • Manufacturer: Metrokane

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit™ - Grey

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