Decantus Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set
The Decantus Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set was designed in the shape of the classic amphora vase used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to carry and store wine over 3,000 years ago! A must-have for those enthusiastic about wine. The Sediment Screen comes into play when sediment is detected in a wine bottle. The Decantus Wine Aerator is the only aerator on the market proven to reduce sulphites an average of 56!

The DECANTUS Deluxe has some serious curves. Sinuous and graceful, it has two handles for easy handling while pouring. Stands 5" high and 4 1/2" wide at the handles.
  • Item #: 7711
  • Manufacturer: Franmara

Decantus Connoisseur Wine Aerator Set

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