Wine Doctor Classic Wine Saver Kit
The wine doctor classic kit includes patented true seal intelli-stoppers with a grip-touch vacuum pump to prevent oxygen from leaking into your wine bottle.

The Wine Doctor

1.Built-In red indicator shows that the seal is a) achieved, and b) if for some reason the seal has been compromised.
2.New True-SealTM technology prevents oxygen from leaking into the bottle after the seal is made.
3.Intelli-Stopper’s triple o-rings create 3 air-tight sealing points.
4.Unique interior check valve adds a fourth barrier to outside oxygen.
5.High quality Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump is a more efficient, easier to use evacuation system that will not stick or swell.
6.Innovative and elegant design developed for superior form and function.
  • Item #: WINEDOC
  • Manufacturer: Wine Doctor LLC

Wine Doctor Classic Wine Saver Kit

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