Wine Storage Racks
Introduced over 25 years ago, our geometrically proportioned wine racks have sold in the millions. They'll fit into virtually any space and are infinitely expandable. Each wine rack kit comes packed with enough extra joining pins to allow you to add on another rack in the future and another... and another... as your wine collection grows. Precisely constructed of solid hardwood and put together like tinker toys, the pins seat so snugly into the octagonal beams that no glue is needed for assembly.

Each bottle is securely cradled, even in earthquake country. Three finish options allow you to select a casual or more elegant look. Available in unfinished hardwood beams and pins (N); lacquered oak beams and pins (OaK – pictured in circle); or Penguin - lacquered oak beams with black pins (PG).
  • Item #: MWR-40
  • Manufacturer: J.K. Adams Co.

Wine Storage Racks

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