Barbeque Boards

BBQ Grilling Board

America's favorite grilling boards are as perfect for assembling kabobs, slicing seafood and paring vegetables as they are for carving and serving barbeque. They are generously sized, not heavy and have well-balanced undercuts for sure-grasp carrying. All sizes are made of maple with a renewable oil finish.

This is our most popular monogrammed carving board. A single 4 1/4" Initial Letter is monogrammed in the center of the cutting surface.

Monogrammed letters add an additional $20 to price of board.
16" x 12" costs $51.00.
20" x 14" costs $65.00.
24" x 16" costs $85.00.
  • Item #: BBQ-1612
  • Manufacturer: J.K. Adams Co.

Barbeque Boards

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