Hastings Four Person Picnic Basket

Picnic Plus Four Person Picnic Basket

Elegance, best describes the Picnic Plus Glenloch 4 Person Picnic Basket. Designed in the USA with contemporary features and a classic design, the Glenloch basket features a light stained hand woven willow exterior and beautiful jewel paisley lining.

The Glenloch picnic basket includes a complete setting for 4 persons; glass drink ware, ceramic plates, stainless steel flatware, cotton napkins, wooden handle multi purpose waiter's tool, The removable thermal foil lined insulated cooler section holds cheeses, sandwiches, wine, fruit and beverages with enough room for additional food and snacks. Handsome leatherette buckles and padded shoulder strap.

  • Item #: PCP-ACB-461
  • Manufacturer: Picnic Plus

Hastings Four Person Picnic Basket

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