Rogar Estate Wine Opener Replacement Parts

Estate Wine Opener Replacement Parts

Follow these steps for ordering replacement Estate Wine Opener Parts:

  1. Select the finish color of your Estate Wine Opener
  2. Use the drawing to determine which part you need (Zoom in if needed)
  3. Use the reference number from the drawing to select the correct replacement part
  4. Adjust quantity and add to cart
  5. Repeat steps to order additional parts

Instructions for installing parts are included. See below for additional replacement part information.

*Please note that these parts only work on Rogar Wine Openers and no refunds will be given if parts do not fit or work properly in another manufactured wine opener.

The guide slug — part # 14 on our drawing (this is the white nylon piece that you can see when you look up into the wine opener) is the most common replacement part. If this piece is cracked, the opener cannot uncork the bottle. This can happen if the wine opener encounters a really hard cork or sometimes a synthetic cork. Because the part is cast and then fused together, unusual pressure can cause it to crack. A wine opener can open thousands of bottles without encountering this problem or in rare cases only a few bottles.

The auger part #10 on our drawing (also known as the screw, corkscrew, worm, or spiral) is another part that may need to be replaced at some time. Again, the cause can be a hard or synthetic cork that can bend or snap the auger. And, this is also an easy to repair at home part.

We also sell the guide slug and the auger as an auger kit (stock # 0410). If you’ve had your opener a long time (before 1994) you will probably need to order the two parts. At that time Rogar changed from a wire auger to a machined auger. The new guide slug will not work with the old auger and vice versa.

The wood handle and handle screw parts #24 and 25 on our drawing. Usually, the handle is lost in a move, or very rarely, the wood may crack after long use, long exposure to dampness, etc.

Clamp pads sold in set of 2 (part # 23) on our drawing. These rubber pads are inside the clamps and help to hold the bottle in place while you are opening the bottle. On occasion, one or both might fall out. If are still in good shape, just put them back in (see below). If they look dried out or cracked or you lose them, just order a new set. To install the clamp pads:

  1. You need to take out the existing pads before installing the new ones.
  2. Place 2 small spots of Superglue (or equivalent) evenly distributed on clamp surface.
  3. The narrow portion goes on top.
  4. You just use a screwdriver blade to push the clamps into place

Like all the outer parts of our wine openers, the clamps are cast in metal. With unusual pressure, the part can snap and break. Replacement clamp sets are available for our Estates openers, specify Antique Bronze and Black. Full instructions for installing your new clamp set are included.

  • Item #: ROG-EstateParts
  • Manufacturer: Rogar

Rogar Estate Wine Opener Replacement Parts

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