Rectangle Pan & Serving Cover
There is no need to look for the food wrap or extra dish to cover your food with this pan. Our professional quality bake ware is made of carbon steel which offers a superior even heat induction that will give you a shorter time of cooking.

These pans have a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and release. The serving cover is made of 100% melamine with 100% silicone corners. This is designed to clip onto the bake ware for easy transport and storage.

For serving, the cover clips inverted for a functional and attractive presentation. The cover has a double function as well. The non-skid pads keep the inverted serving cover stable while preparing or serving your food.
  • Carbon Steel Bake Pans:
  • Inverted Serving Cover Can Hold Ice to Cool Food:
  • Scratch Resistant:
  • Superior Even Heat Conduction:
  • Item #: 55110
  • Manufacturer: PrepCo

Rectangle Pan & Serving Cover

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